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Butter'UP Soaps n Barz,a private,personal & self loving experiance that not only supports the womb,mind & body,but also brings healthy non scented and gentle benefits that are hypoallergenic!

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Yoni~FACE YoniVacial

A complete care kit sis.....coming soon! PRE~order today!

  • Tough on dirt Light on skin!

    Men and boys hygiene thats non scented for sensitive delicate skin.With vegan colorants and healthy oils such as,but not limited to,blackseed oil,almond oil & rosehip oil!

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  • Tiny Yoni

    A pretty,fun & non scented private hygiene soap and shower gel collection specifically made for little girls! Hypoallergenic and safe,vegan colorants gentle on the skin.Detergent free

  • Period Flush

    Stay clean and PHresh while on your menstruel!Healthy & safe,controls odor and itching.NOT a DOUCHE but an outside vaginal rinse!Use each time you go to the bathroom to rinse the old blood away.Keep your "GET UP or SIT DOWN air" smelling fresh & clean,NOT like blood!With aloe for sensitive skin.