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(2)Yoni Milk Bath Cake

(2)Yoni Milk Bath Cake

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Delicate and pretty!Coconut milk,3 different salts,vitamin E,ACV,yogurt++.Hydrating and moisturizer,soak for at least 20min,great for overall skin health and vaginal health!Soothing for yeast/burning,non scented non irritant.

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Yoni Milk Bath Shot

Frequently asked questions

How will these help me?

The salts & milk helps the body relax and eases minor discomfort from body aches or vaginal itching and discomfort.May help the body sober up after a afew glasses of wine being that these bath shots are quite detoxing thanks to the salt combinations.

Are they scented?

No they are not

Are they hypoallergenic?